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Slitting knife holders


Outer diameter: φ50mm~φ600mm

Inner diameter: φ25mm~φ110mm

Thickness: 0.7mm~5mm

Slitting knife holder equipment features

Slitting and dust removal assembly - In-line adjustment of knife holder - Adjustable fit - Inlet side guard assembly - Non-adjustable overlap amount High precision slitting, in-line adjustment, adaptable to various incoming material thicknesses

Slitter knife holder features:

1. The slitter knife holder can be cut automatically according to different materials, greatly improving production efficiency.

2. The knife holder adopts PLC control system, with high precision positioning and cutting function, ensuring the cutting quality.

3. The slitter knife holder can adapt to different material requirements and has wide applicability.

4. The cutting speed is fast, and any kind of cutting can be done according to the user's requirements.

Use to The slitter knife holder is used in the fields of packaging, bag making, printing, electronics, paper, plastics, food, medicine, petroleum and chemical industry for automatic cutting of rolls and sheets of material.
Material Tungsten Steel / High Speed Steel