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Cemented carbide inserts become the universal tool of choice in the electronics
Release time:2023-04-14 11:05:25| Views:

PCB, the English name PrintedCircuitBoard, the Chinese name for the printed circuit board, also known as printed circuit boards, printed circuit boards, is an important electronic components, is the support body of electronic components, electronic components of the provider of electrical connections. PCB board using electronic printing technology, so is called "printed " circuit boards. Before the PCB was introduced, the interconnection between electronic components were relying on the direct connection of wires to complete the process. Now the circuit panel only as a useful test things and exist; printed circuit boards in the electronics industry now occupies a position of certain control.  

  With the rapid development of the PCB electronics industry, the application of carbide blades for the PCB electronics industry came into being. Carbide is known as the "teeth of industry", carbide blades as cutting tools are widely used in every corner of modern production manufacturing. PCB electronic circuit board carbide blades are mainly tungsten steel foot cutting machine special blades, the overall PCB board V-CUT knife (V card knife or V pit knife), gong knife, etc..  

  Science and technology is the first productive force, the human ability to transform nature with the performance of tools to improve and change. the development of carbide blades in the PCB industry, service life and work efficiency significantly improved, in the growing conditions of labor costs, to improve labor productivity, reduce costs, PCB electronic production enterprises is another competitive advantage point. Cemented carbide inserts have become the universal tool of choice for the electronics industry with their excellent performance, working hand in hand with the PCB electronics industry.