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Slitting mechanical blade resharpening method
Release time:2023-07-01 15:53:08| Views:

Slitting machinery blade, slitting round blade in the use of the process if the blade wear or rust, the need for blade resharpening.

Slitting mechanical blade resharpening method:

1, the choice of grinding wheels: silicon carbide grinding wheel grinding (light green) carbide can be ground very sharp edge, corundum grinding wheel (light green or white) is not suitable for grinding carbide, more laborious.

2、When grinding, stand on the left side facing the grinding wheel so that the main cutting edge on the drill side is kept horizontal and slightly higher than the horizontal surface through the center of the grinding wheel, if the main cutting edge is not kept horizontal and lower than the horizontal surface of the center of the grinding wheel will have the defect of incorrect shape of the main cutting edge or high rear tool surface.

3. Maintain the correct angle between the drill axis and the circumferential grinding surface of the grinding wheel. With the right hand in front and the left hand behind, the drill tail is slightly lower than the drill bit, the drill edge touches the circumferential surface of the grinding wheel, apply appropriate pressure and make a small lateral movement, and the drill tail must not exceed the horizontal surface to prevent grinding a negative back angle.

4. Grind the two rear tool faces in frequent rotation. After grinding one side, do not pick up the drill and look at it, and turn to the other side directly to grind it, because the position of the hand remains the same, so that the two main cutting edges of the drill are not easy to appear one high and one low.

5. After grinding the main cutting edge, stand on the right side of the grinding wheel and stand the drill up, keeping the main cutting edge horizontal to resharpen the front face. The side edge should be reground as little as possible to avoid the hole diameter becoming smaller. The side edge should be ground parallel to the drill axis or reduced a little towards the end of the drill.

6. From the direction of drill rotation, the main cutting edge and the side edge should be slightly higher than the back, with angles and tips, in order to cut smoothly and not to jam the drill. To avoid grinding too false, otherwise the blade wears quickly and is not durable